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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Trevor Jordan

POSITION: Communications Director


I grew up on the west side of Cincinnati and graduated from Miami University (OH) with a B.A. in strategic communication and social psychology. Following graduation, I was drawn back to Cincinnati and took residence in Norwood (west-sider turned east-sider, sorry, mom and dad). This past May, I began working at Wordsworth Communications downtown, where I soon heard word of Give Back Cincinnati, and dove in! I love playing music in my free time, even if the only audience is my plump, orange tabby cat, Cleo (she tries to sing along sometimes and is amateur at best).

Why I got involved with GBC:

Ever since I graduated, I had been looking for the opportunity to do more than just sit on my couch and procrastinate physical exercise. Give Back gives its members the perfect outlet for helping their community, while simultaneously helping us network and get to know one another. The organization’s members and its presence in the community are reasons why I joined Give Back in the first place, and why I’ve committed myself to it since.

Why others should get involved:

Whether you are looking to meet new friends, take a larger role in your community or broaden your itinerary (or all of the above…), Give Back Cincinnati is the place to be. Different from a lot of volunteer organizations, GBC’s guilt-free volunteering philosophy lets members take control of their own schedules and levels of commitment. We understand how busy you are; participate when you’re able to, and we’ll always be happy to have you!

What makes GBC unique:

There are two things that really stand out to me when it comes to GBC. First, it’s hard to come across many volunteer organizations that expel the same level of leniency when it comes to the volunteering aspect itself. GBC is a YP organization, and its leadership understands that a work-life balance (in addition to other spontaneous life happenings) means you can’t make it to everything, and that’s okay! Second, the networking side of GBC is fully rewarding in itself. I’ve only been a member of Give Back since June 2017, and I’ve since met some amazing people.

First GBC event:

Paint the Town 2k17. My girlfriend, Sydney, and I signed up after hearing about the event from a colleague. I had been wanting to put myself back into the community, and it felt like the perfect opportunity to do so. We loved the event, and have been active members ever since!

Favorite GBC event:

Paint the Town – One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had; a full day of teamwork, fun, sweat and conversation (the after party doesn’t hurt!).

What excites me about 2019:

I’m super excited to get to continue to meet new faces over the next year, and work together to build an even greater organization!

Fun Fact:

I had surgery a few years ago to remove some benign tumors on the right side of my neck. Surgeons had to stimulate the right facial nerve, which temporarily paralyzed the right side of my face for the following two months (striking a strong resemblance to Two Face from Batman). One of the worst smiles I’ve ever had.