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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Nick Rivera

POSITION: Financial Sustainability


Originally from Cleveland, I first came to Cincinnati to attend Xavier University and earn my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Accountancy. During my time at Xavier, I grew to love Cincinnati and made the decision to stay in the Queen City after graduation. I am a CPA and work as a public accountant. Although I am a nerd for the numbers, I do enjoy being active and giving back to the community that so graciously welcomed me since I arrived.

Why I got involved with GBC:

Give Back Cincinnati is about providing the opportunities for volunteers to contribute their time to give back to the Cincinnati community in a commitment-free environment. I joined Give Back Cincinnati because the volunteers are not (and don’t feel) obligated to attend all events or have a minimum event quota. Volunteers are able to pick and choose what events they would like to attend based on their schedule and preference for certain types of projects. Give Back Cincinnati also provides opportunities to meet new people and other fellow young professionals within the community. Once I got involved, I learned more about the organization, the volunteers, the leaders and the impact within the community, and I wanted to help in any way I could.

Favorite GBC event:
I am not going to follow directions here because I can’t have just one favorite event! I do always love Paint the Town – seeing the number of people come out on a Saturday to give back to the city and its homeowners is really inspiring. It is amazing to see what can happen when everyone comes together and the progress and impact we can make in one day.

Why others should get involved:

I would encourage others to get involved because…who doesn’t like having fun, socializing and meeting new people, while simultaneously giving back to the community?

Fun Facts:

I was very creative as a child and had excellent naming skills. For my third birthday, my parents gave me a puppy as my birthday present. When asked what I wanted to name said puppy, I determined his name should be Birthday. Years later, for Christmas of 1999, our parents told us we could get a second puppy and we would get to go pick one out. This was only a few days before the break of the millennium and all the hype that came with the Y2K bug and how everything was going to blow up and electronics wouldn’t work once midnight struck to enter the year 2000. Being the oldest of my siblings, when I suggested the name Millennium for our new baby black lab…they thought it was great…10 points for Gryffindor.