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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Michael Loch

POSITION: President


I’m from sunny San Diego, but have been living in Greater Cincinnati for over 10 years now. I received my B.A. in Communications from Northern Kentucky University and went on to work professionally in nonprofit fundraising, marketing and volunteer management after graduation. I recently received a M.S. in Business Informatics at NKU and since co-foudned Photon Strategy, a specialized marketing agency focused on engaging and igniting business growth. I currently live in Northside, and I love it!

Why I got involved with GBC:

I joined because I wanted to still make a positive impact in my community after I stopped working in the nonprofit world. Volunteering will always be something I’m active in because I want to help make things better for the community in any capacity. I was also looking to meet more like-minded people who care about helping the community while having a great time with each other. GBC has been such an amazing social outlet for me as I’ve made so many great friends through volunteering!
Why others should get involved:
I’m a huge believer in the “it takes a village” mentality. One person can make a big difference, which is great. However, we can make an even greater long-lasting, positive impact on the community through collaboration.
I love that we’re very flexible with guilt-free volunteering. Volunteers can chose to be as involved (or not) as they want to be, and that’s perfectly fine! We also offer plenty of leadership development opportunities for those who want to get more involved. I really like that there are a variety of different events offered, including Hands-On, Interactive, Social, and Give Back Beyond trips outside of Cincinnati. Volunteers can really scale their experience with GBC to whatever best fits their interests and availability.
GBC is a great way to meet other like-minded young professionals. We’re an amazing mix of welcoming, positive and energetic folks who care about their community.

What makes GBC unique:

If you’re interested in helping out our community in either a mild, moderate or heavily involved fashion (your choice!) while meeting an awesome group of people, this is it. There is great flexibility for volunteers while offering a diverse variety of ways they can be involved. For those who are looking to polish their leadership skill set, GBC provides ample opportunities for people to join a committee, help with planning events and even join our board. I like how easy GBC makes it for volunteers to meet each other by creating a welcoming environment, holding after-parties when we finish volunteer events, hosting social events (thanks Ali!), and hosting new member happy hours (thanks Ethan!). I have met so many new friends through GBC, and I really enjoy seeing friendships among others flourish through volunteering as well.

My first GBC event:

My first GBC event was helping with some harvesting and cleanup at the Freestore Foodbank Giving Fields in 2015. My best friend A.J., who was our previous Social Events Coordinator, got involved with GBC before I did. She knew that I would love being involved with this organization, so she convinced me to go to this volunteer event with her.
My favorite GBC event:

I love our Back to School events! We take on large painting and cleaning jobs at a local school. Back to School is our first volunteer event of each year, and I love the energy and enthusiasm that the large crew of volunteers bring. I really enjoy Hands-On volunteer projects as they foster a genuine teamwork-oriented, collaborative environment; and then, you can see the fruits of your labor. They are a great way to get to know new people!

I’m also a huge fan of our social events, especially the annual Holiday Party. Getting together with fellow volunteers to show appreciation and celebration for all of their hard work and dedication feels so great.

What excites me about 2019:

I’m very stoked about the energy and enthusiasm that our new leadership team brings. We have a great mix of talented, diverse and passionate leaders who want to make Greater Cincinnati a better place for all in our community. Our leaders are also committed to making the GBC experience for all of our members unparalleled. I have met many new volunteers in recent months, and I am SO excited to welcome them back in 2019, get to know them more closely and see all of the amazing things they will accomplish for our community.

Fun Fact:

I love to travel! Both domestically and internationally. I’ve been to almost 20 countries, and I’m hoping to make it to the Philippines or Vietnam this year. A personal goal of mine is to visit all continents by age 30. Africa and Antarctica are all I need!