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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Lauren Doyle

POSITION: Communications Lead


I moved to Cincinnati in 2006 to expand my career opportunities and, a few years in, found Give Back Cincinnati. I jumped in without the slightest hesitation and haven’t looked back, since! The city has become my home, and I can’t imagine living anywhere besides this beautiful, quirky and unique Queen City. 

What GBC means to me:

Give Back Cincinnati represents more than just an opportunity to give back to the community and then celebrate with a beer. I’ve gotten to know the city’s neighborhoods, made unbelievable friends and discovered passions that continue to shape me personally and professionally. Plus, the leadership development opportunities have helped me grow more confident as a leader.

Who others should get involved:

The impact we make as volunteers has a ripple effect throughout the community, especially 19 years in. And the impact we have on one another is equally important. It’s an irresistible combination of community service, social connections and leadership development. Community service with a social twist, I like to say!

Favorite GBC event:

Paint the Town is where I got my start, and I look forward to it every year. I still serve on the planning committee, so it will probably always be my favorite! But I also love Kids Olympics and the GBC Challenge, the Hands-On activities, Civic Engagement events… wait, can all of the events be my favorite?!

What excited you about 2019:

When the idea for the organization was hatched around Ryan Rybolt’s kitchen table, I doubt any of the “founders and firsts” could have imagined this 5,800-member organization – which is still growing, by the way – becoming what it has. I’m excited to not only continue the legacy, but also pay homage to all we’ve accomplished in the last 19 years. We have some GREAT things up our sleeves!

Fun Fact:

My impression of Lois Griffin from Family Guy is spot-on. “Oh, Peter!”