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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Brianna Brooks

POSITION: Hands-On Events Coordinator


I have always loved volunteering and helping out in the community. I started getting seriously involved in 2013 when I became an Ohio ambassador for an organization called Team Inspire that was dedicated to creating social change throughout the world. We volunteered and completed random acts of kindness all across many different countries. From there, I began leading events at CarMax where I work now. We have an organization called CarMax Cares and we complete various volunteer events throughout the year.

Why I got involved with GBC:

I wanted to expand my volunteering capacity to more than just the events I do through CarMax Cares.

Why others should get involved:

Give Back Cincinnati is a good organization to get involved with not only for the community-driven aspect, but for the fact that it allows you to connect with people just like you.

What makes GBC unique:

I love the fact that you will never be pressured to volunteer. People shouldn’t feel like volunteering is a requirement; it should still be fun or else it starts to feel like a job!

First GBC event:

Back to School

Favorite GBC event:

I’m very excited about Don’t Rock the Boat and Paint the Town.
What excites me about 2019:
I am very excited to meet so many different types of people. We are all working towards one goal and it will be a rewarding experience seeing all our hard work paying off in the community!

Fun Fact:

I have been a professional Polynesian dancer for 13 years.