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Give Back Cincinnati

Rally on the Square

Opening Day signifies many things for Cincinnatians.  Our favorite unofficial (let’s make it legit already!) holiday rings in the springtime and a new season for the Cincinnati Reds, America’s first professional baseball team.  There’s a rejuvenated spirit and energy of Cincinnati pride that permeates throughout the city in a sea of red and white.

There’s nothing quite like Opening Day in Cincinnati.  Other cities can’t even compare.  Just ask this Sports Illustrated writer who had an unforgettable experience at Opening Day a few years ago.  Hundreds of thousands of proud fans flock to downtown and The Banks for the Opening Day Parade, to celebrate the new season over food and drinks with friends, and of course, to catch the game.  Admit it, how many of you are gladly a part of the reason why many businesses and schools have a drop in attendance on Opening Day?  We sure are!

Give Back Cincinnati proudly hosts the Rally on the Square event on Fountain Square for Opening Day.  This isn’t just us, though.  We are grateful to have MadTree Brewing and Local 12 as partners in throwing together such an awesome event.  As our largest annual fundraiser, Give Back Cincinnati leaders and volunteers served some of Cincinnati’s finest beer and we brought out DJ Diamond to keep the people dancing all day long.  Who could resist MadTree and music?  It also didn’t hurt to have the large TV above Macy’s playing the game for all of us who couldn’t make it in Great American Ballpark. 

Just like how all of Give Back Cincinnati is run by volunteers, we had our very own Social Events Coordinator work tirelessly for several months to throw all of this together.  A.J. plans all of Give Back Cincinnati’s social events for us to show appreciation for our volunteers and to get volunteers to meet some new people.  After all, we’re all about volunteering with a social twist!  If you want to join in the fun of planning awesome events with A.J.’s Social Committee, email her at [email protected].

Opening Day wouldn’t be the holiday that it is without an ode to Cincinnati’s beer culture.  With such a rich history that our city has with beer and the brewery boom that we’ve been enjoying, who could make it to downtown and not enjoy a celebratory beer?  We had Fountain Square covered by serving a variety of MadTree Brewing’s favorites including Lift, PSA, PsycHOPathy, and the seasonal favorite Rounding Third.  If you’re one of the few who haven’t had a chance to make it to their new location in Oakley or even try their beer in general, do yourself a favor and make it happen.  MadTree’s massive new taproom hosts a perfect hangout experience with large variety of beer, Catch-a-Fire Café for those who want to do the All-American beer and pizza pairing, and a huge outdoor patio for those who have been craving for the nice weather to finally get here.  They’ve been doing great things are we’re pumped to see what else they have up their sleeve.