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Give Back Cincinnati

Paint the Town

Paint the Town is a daylong event that engages more than 1,000 volunteers to rejuvenate homes in need of a little TLC. Painting a mass of homes in a concentrated area can truly serve as a catalyst to lift up a community. Neighborhoods are chosen according to need, and qualified homeowners are encouraged to apply for the service. Community groups are instrumental in spreading the word about Paint the Town. Volunteers work in teams led by experienced team leaders to paint a house. If needed, houses are prepped for painting prior to the day of the event. Volunteers are provided with breakfast, lunch, drinking water, a team T-shirt, and painting supplies. Volunteer sign-ups will take place in spring.

Paint the Town has painted more than 350 houses in the communities of College Hill, East End, Price Hill (twice), Northside, Madisonville, Hartwell/Carthage, Cheviot, Avondale and Evanston in Ohio, and Covington, Bellevue and Dayton in Kentucky… and we’re just getting started.

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  1. Roe Breckenridge 5 years ago

    I am interested in volunteering for paint the town. Can you provide me more information on how to get involved? Thank you

    • gbcadmin 5 years ago

      Hi Roe, Are you looking to volunteer on the day of the event or join a committee that plans up to the event?

  2. pamela sims 4 years ago

    Wow. This is awesome. I don’t live in Westwood I live in south cummingsville about 10 minutes from where you are. My house is in serious need of painting. I only wish someone would have thought about us. How do I go about having this service for my house??

    • gbcadmin 4 years ago

      Hi Pamela,

      The Paint the Town committee selects a specific neighborhood to focus on for their annual one-day service project. We will bring your comment to the committee’s attention for future consideration of your neighborhood. You can also contact them directly at [email protected]

  3. Geni Giannotti 2 weeks ago

    Hello! My name is Geni Giannotti and I am from the Habitat Young Professionals group. I wanted to reach out to you because our group is having a Chipotle Fundraiser after Paint the Town from 4-8pm, close by to the event (258 Stetson St). All finds go towards helping building Habitat for Humanity houses in the Greater Cincinnati area. Would it be possible to let volunteers know about it, via facebook, email, announcement, etc? We would really appreciate it!

    My group is really looking forward to the event tomorrow! See you then!

    Geni Giannotti
    HYP Fundraising Chair