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Serve & Travel with Give Back Beyond

  • Interested in helping those in need of simple and affordable housing?
  • Want to travel for 10 days for hard work & hard play with a group of YP Cincinnati volunteers?
  • Want to experience a new culture in a unique and exciting way that could shift your life view?
  • Getting bored of those relaxing vacations just lying on the beach?
  • If you answered YES, then Give Back Service travel with Habitat for Humanity and Fuller Center is for you!

To Date, GBB has taken nearly 500 volunteers abroad and volunteered more than 16,000 hours in six continents.

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  1. Georges Jurdak 1 year ago

    Hi, I am a friend of Chad. I’m interested in knowing more about your upcoming volunteering trips (Chad mentioned Greece).
    Please let me know

    • communications 1 year ago

      Hi George!

      Give Back Beyond Cincinnati is currently looking at Peurto Rico and Greece (as you mentioned) for the service trips later this year.

      Due to Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico was left with devastating deaths and damages. Organizations are still assessing the situation and we will post dates and more details on GBBC’s site at once they’re available.

      In Greece, we will help with the refugee efforts. For this trip, we are tentatively thinking October 2018. As with the Puerto Rico trip, we are finalizing additional details, but will post them on the GBBC site, our newsletter and social media once we have more information.

      You can also reach out to GBBC Coordinator Venita Robinson at [email protected] with more questions.

      Thank you!