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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati


What are Give Back Cincinnati Volunteer Events?

Give Back Cincinnati's events are primarily one-day, weekend projects at various community locations needing assistance. Each event is planned entirely by a committee that maps out project from start to finish. Members provide the elbow grease to carry out a successful project. Past projects have included cleaning, painting, landscaping, construction, and fundraising.

What are Give Back Cincinnati Social Events?

There are two primary reasons for planning our social events:

(1) Celebrate the completion of each project. After each project we celebrate the day's event with a social gathering, where Give Back Cincinnati members meet new friends and network with peers who have similar interests.

(2) Bring our members together between projects. Volunteer projects typically fall every other month. During the "off months" we will plan an event where all existing and new members can come learn about the organization and meet fellow volunteers.