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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Troy Davis

POSITION: Fuel Cincinnati Coordinator


I’m a small business owner and software developer, CEO at Lampros Labs, where I find and mentor talented young developers, creating apps, websites and back-end systems for our clients. I previously volunteered in various capacities with the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, Cincinnati Programmers Guild, BDPA Cincinnati, and through speaking with students in local schools to encourage them to pursue technical career paths. I live with my wife and son in Norwood.

Why I got involved with GBC:

I met Sarah Froelich at a Peoples Liberty event—she was there representing Fuel Cincinnati and encouraged me to attend a happy hour the next week. There, I met several board members and loved the group’s mission and passion. I asked to be considered for a position and was invited to join the board in May 2015. I served as chair of Fuel’s communications committee in 2016, and have been chair of the group since 2017.

Why others should get involved:

GBC focuses your volunteer time and energy on creating as much good as possible. There are many programs, events and roles within the organization, giving volunteers an easy way to discover a good fit for their availability, interests and skills. And, the leadership opportunities and training offered by the group are fantastic.

What makes GBC unique:

Its focus on developing young professionals through community service, combined with the variety of roles, leadership opportunities and training.

First GBC Event:

A Fuel Cincinnati Happy Hour.

Favorite GBC Event:

Fuel the Fire!


What excites me about 2018:

This is a wonderful group of people to work with, and I’m looking forward to meeting this year’s new members as well.


Fun Fact:

I’m an amateur musician; I’ve played guitar and bass in several local bands.