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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Jen Quarford

POSITION: Hands-On Events Coordinator


Growing up with a military parent and being in the military myself always consisted of adapting to my habitat no matter where I’m stationed. One thing the military taught me was to seize the day. Moving from place-to-place every three years, people come and go, meaning you need to appreciate the days with people that you have while you have them. I have made many friends, none of whom I will forget. Especially to all the people I met during my volunteering days at GRUB and The Mission Continues in WA—where they empower veterans adjusting to life at home by helping them find purpose through community impact.

Why I got involved with GBC:

I loved giving back to each community in every state I’ve been relocated to for work, and GBC magnetizes me to my previous volunteer group.

Why others should get involved:

With GBC, you will join a friendly team where you will meet people from all walks of life and take a larger role in your local community. Plus, it’s guilt-free, so you can show up when you’re available.

What makes GBC unique:

It’s guilt-free, you meet wonderful people and it’s good for your health. Plus, the Happy Hour after-events are a MUST-go.

“Harnessing Talent, Building Community”- GBC Leadership

First GBC event:

Hands-On event; I just flew in on a red eye from Military training that day. The first thing I did after getting out of the airport was head to the Hands-On event, where I ended getting up down and dirty (again!) from cleaning up a garden and green house for the community.

Favorite GBC event:

Paint the Town 2017—Amazing event where GBC transformed its 500th house with fresh paint.

What excites me about 2018:

An opportunity to work outside of my military career, while being able to network within the community.

Fun Fact:

I’m a BEAST at packing and unpacking. I have moving down to a science. However, my desk is not neat as you think it would be…