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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Erin Klotzbach Hyatt

POSITION: Fall Feast Coordinator


Born in raised in Greater Cincinnati area and currently live in Hyde Park Cincinnati with my fabulous brother and chocolate lab Meka. I attended Miami University and after college moved to Nashville Tennessee for a couple of years. I came home and was involved in Commercial Real Estate and now for the last three years have been working for Loth Inc. where I sell furniture to Hospitals. In the course of the last years I have really been involved in various non-profits. I believe that if we all do our part the impact it has on our community is incredible.

Why I got involved with GBC:

I was introduced to Give Back Cincinnati awhile back and felt it was a great way to make a meaningful impact on the community while getting to meet new friends. One of our past fearless leaders asked me to come down to Fall Feast to volunteer, little did I know he was prepping me to run the event the next year and here we are 5 years later. I believe the story behind all of this was I had no experience in planning any kind of event yet the GBC team was there all along the way in the implementation. They provided the groundwork and support which over the past four years myself and an AWESOME TEAM have made it what it is today. It gave me a chance to develop core leadership skills that I don’t believe I would have learned at such an early time in my career. Along the way I have met friends that I now call family. The best part of all of this is I have seen other volunteer’s lives changed while developing a passion for serving in bigger ways. The simple phrase of “Giving Back” needs to be a purpose for all of us – that is what makes Cincinnati unique in all aspects.

Why others should get involved:

Great way to meet new people and give back to your community.

What makes GBC unique:

Over the years, I have seen great leadership come out of this organization and now a lot of my peers are in important roles within key organizations throughout the city.

What excites me about 2018:

Continuing to build on the great events we have running.

Fun Fact:

One of the old crew that still loves to be in the GBC Clan.