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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Chelsea Brown

POSITION: Vice President of Programs


I get paid to manage events at Fountain Square and Washington Park, but can’t get away from the event world which is why I am involved with GBC and other organizations. I spend my spare time helping with the Friends of Findlay Market and the Big 10 Alumni Club of Cincinnati. I am also in charge of coordinating social events for the Paint the Town program. If I find some free time on a Saturday, I like to help out at St. Vincent de Paul in the West End.

My first GBC event:

I joined a committee before I ever attended an event, but I think my first event was a community immersion put on by the Civic Engagement committee.

My favorite GBC event:

Every GBC event is awesome in its own way, so it’s really difficult for me to pick a favorite. I enjoy Paint the Town because it’s fulfilling to see my hard work make others happy. I also love Opening Day because it combines two of my favorite things—GBC and Reds baseball.

What makes GBC unique:

GBC empowers you to make a difference. You can join and take a leadership position quickly which allows you to grow skills that will be beneficial in your career.

Why I got involved:

A little over five years ago when I first moved to Cincinnati, my former boss recommended I check out GBC. I immediately fell in love with it. I love GBC because it helps me do the things I love—meet new people, make friends, and help out my community.

Why others should get involved:

I read this article about Cincinnati being a non-inclusive city, difficult for new folks to break into the long-standing social circles. Whether you show up one day a year to volunteer or you’re planning the events—everyone is welcomed! We are one big happy GBC family.

What I’m excited about for 2017:

I am excited to help our awesome GBC programs & their teams grow and thrive in the new year.

Fun Fact:

I grew up in a log cabin!