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Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati

Adam Pulskamp


I was born and raised in Cincinnati. I went to the University of Cincinnati for Mechanical Engineering and now live in Walnut Hills and enjoy living along Eden Park. During the day I work at KLH Engineers as a Project Manager in Specialty Retail.

What I do for GBC:

My role is to focus on the details that will keep us up and running as an organization from year-to-year. I handle formalizing many of the partnerships that our other leaders put in motion. The majority of my time is spent working to ensure the event leads have all of the resources for the job they are tasked with completing.

What GBC means to me:

In my time with Give Back, I have seen the impact of not only the events that we create for the communities, but also on the members of the group. Leaders are able to grow, take ownership and build something of their own. Built on the basis of “Developing today’s communities and Tomorrow’s leaders,” we are helping shape Cincinnati in both ways. I hope you come to an event, meet some new people, find the passion in you to grow and leave your impact on Cincinnati.

Why others should get involved:

Give Back is not just about volunteering. It is about building a community and there is great satisfaction that can be found in expanded boundaries beyond your comfort zone of friends and reaching out into the community to grow yourself – Give Back provides that opportunity.

What I’m excited about in 2015:

So many things are happening in 2015 to be excited about. The first is our 5-year planning and the collaboration with local leaders to create that plan. The second is that this year is our 15-year anniversary. Our Grand Reunion will be the most exciting weekend for me to meet all of the past leaders and members who have built this organization to what it is today.

Fun Fact:

I was Stuart Larking from Mad TV for Halloween three years ago and pulled it off so well that now Stuart makes appearances at other holiday parties from time to time.