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Social: CincySwap!

The inaugural CincySwap event is a free clothing exchange to help the community tap into the incredible fashion sense of our Queen City peers!

So, how do you get involved? Those interested in the Swap can either bring their unwanted clothing to the event venue (The Woodward Theater) or drop them off at one of our pre-event collections (MadTree Taproom, Women of Cincy, and Lane and Kate; more details coming soon). Racks of clothing will be set up throughout Woodward, and all are welcome! The best part: Clothing donors will be able to pick out as many items at the event as they donate!

At 6 p.m., we will host a fashion show for attendees to show off their new digs. This is a 21+ event and a cash bar will be available throughout the evening.

Participating in a pre-event collection will expedite your entry into the event the day-of, and you’ll receive a voucher specifying how many items you contributed to the exchange.

We will be at Lane and Kate and Madtree from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the following dates to collect clothing: 

  • Madtree
    • Sunday, September 16
    • Sunday, September 30
    • Sunday, October 14
  • Lane and Kate
    • Sunday, September 9
    • Sunday, September 23
    • Sunday, September 7

Items accepted: clothing, shoes and accessories of all shapes and sizes. Goodwill will collect any surplus of clothing following the event.

Event Details
Sunday, October 21
2 p.m. – 7 p.m.
The Woodward Theater | 1404 Main Street | Cincinnati, OH 45202


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If you have an questions about this event please email us via the Contact Us page.

  1. Tyrone E. Patel 2 months ago

    Hello! My name is Tyrone Patel, Program Director for the African-American Chamber of Commerce. I actually stumbled upon this page while looking for volunteer opportunities for myself, however, after reading further, it’s clear that GBC and the AACC have similar interests when it comes to helping this great community. We would love to help promote the “CincySwap Clothing Exchange” by adding it to our calendar so our members can see it and be inspired to donate their unwanted or unused clothing items.

    I would like to ask for your permission to do this as the event is coming up in October.
    Thanks for reading this! Have a nice day!

    Tyrone E. Patel
    Program Director
    African-American Chamber of Commerce (of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky)
    2945 Gilbert Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45202

    • gbc_admin 1 month ago

      That would be great, Tyrone, thank you for spreading the word!

  2. Sheila Triggs 4 weeks ago

    What is the address of Lane and Kate

    • gbc_admin 3 weeks ago

      Lane & Kate can be found at 1405 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202.